Message to Students about the Results of the First Round of COVID-19 Baseline Testing

15 September 2020

Dear Carls,

It is the second day of a new academic year here at Carleton, and I write to share positive news about how we’re starting off the term. As I previously shared with you, all on-campus and Northfield Option students are required to receive two tests for COVID-19 upon returning to campus. We have received complete results for the first round of student baseline testing. Of the 1,511 tests administered to students Sept. 4-10, two were positive. This reflects an overall positivity rate of 0.1%.

The two students who tested positive for COVID-19, as well as their close contacts (a total of four individuals) and a few students who have experienced symptoms, have been moved to spaces on campus where they can be monitored. All affected students began their classes remotely and will join their in-person classes after they have completed the isolation or quarantine period. Additionally, eight students arrived to campus after our designated testing windows and received their first test today; their movements and interactions on campus are intentionally restricted until they receive those results.

The second round of baseline testing began Sept. 11 and will be completed on Sept. 17, with final results for the full group expected around Sept. 20. I will communicate with you again around that time to share the results of this second set of tests. Upon completion of both rounds of baseline testing, we will begin weekly surveillance testing, and Carleton’s COVID-19 Dashboard will change to reflect some of the ongoing data we’re tracking against our thresholds. Until then, we plan to continue to use the Dashboard to report weekly test results and cases, including quarantine and isolation numbers.

I would be remiss not to mention on this sunny September day how refreshing it has been to have you on campus again. Thank you for your continued dedication to making the residential college experience possible this fall.  Please remain diligent in your efforts–mask up, physical distance, and wash your hands. 

In gratitude,

Dean Livingston