Message to Students about Housing, Community Covenant, and Fall Term Courses

27 July 2020

Dear Carls,

I hope this message finds you and your families well.

Last week, I held a series of Zoom sessions with students, parents, and families regarding Carleton’s plans to reopen this fall. I am certainly aware that you may have many more questions, and I want to be as helpful as I can be. Below you will find new information on housing, the creation of a community covenant, and fall term courses.   


Thank you for completing the 2020 Housing Planning form. Students who indicated a preference for residing in College housing during fall term will receive information about room draw and/or room assignment information on Monday, July 27. We expect to be able to accommodate all students who expressed a preference for being housed on campus or in Northfield. Please contact with any questions. (NOTE: If you have not yet completed the housing planning form, please send me an email immediately indicating your preference). 

As a reminder, your decision to remain off campus or study abroad this fall will not impact your ability to be placed in campus housing for Winter Term. We will assess residential housing for Winter and Spring Terms as additional course schedule and public health information becomes available, but no later than 6th week of fall term.   

Community Covenant

A working group of faculty, staff, and students are composing a covenant that outlines expectations for behaviors that will protect the safety and well-being of the community during this COVID-19 period. All members of the Carleton community who will be living, learning, teaching, and working on campus will be required to adhere to this covenant.

The members of the working group include faculty Daniela Kohen (Chemistry) and David Lieben-Nowell (Computer Science); staff members Kerstin Cardenas (Human Resources), Doug Foxgrover (Academic Technology), and Amy Sillanpa (Dean of Students office); and students Maya Rogers and Ricardo Garcia. 

Fall Term Courses

For all students:

As you prepare to select fall term classes, there are a few details of which you should be aware. Students residing in College housing or approved Northfield option may select from all available academic course types: Face-to-Face (F2F); Hybrid (HYB); Mixed-Mode (MMOD); and Online (ONL).  Remote-only students may select from MMOD and ONL courses. 

Advising days for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are July 27–August 4, 2020. 

For first-year students:

Advising days for first-years takes place during New Student Week. The College has been finalizing the class schedule for fall term, including the slate of Argument and Inquiry (A&I) seminars in which all first-year students will enroll. We understand that first-years have already reported your top-five A&I seminar preferences, but unfortunately those selections need to be reset, in light of recent changes the faculty have made to their teaching plans.

At your earliest convenience, please consult our updated list of A&I seminars. You will note that the list now includes not only course titles and descriptions but also an indication of how and when each course will be taught. Those of you who will be studying remotely this fall will need to select among our online-only offerings; all others may choose from among the online (ONL), hybrid (HYB), and face-to-face (F2F) seminar options. Meeting times have been shared so that those studying outside of the U.S. Central Time zone can calculate local times for each online course.

Your new top-five A&I preferences are due by August 1. Please remember that this step must be completed, even if you are not making any changes to the preferences you already shared. If you do not submit your choices by the deadline, you will be placed in a seminar with available seats and an appropriate instructional mode based on your anticipated place of residence in the fall.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please contact Academic Records Coordinator Allie Lyman at or Registrar Emy Farley at

Forthcoming information this week:

The COVID-19 website is your best source for current information. Updated information will be added to the COVID-19 website as it becomes available. Students will receive a weekly communication from the Dean of Students Office (which will also be available online). Topics that will be addressed later this week include:

  • Staggered move in dates
  • New Student Week dates
  • Quarantine, isolation, and testing information

Please continue to review the COVID-19 FAQs for the most up-to-date information. You may submit questions from that site, or you may reach out to me, directly.

Thanks for your continued patience.

All best,

Dean Livingston