Message to Faculty and Staff about COVID-19 Vaccination

12 February 2021

Dear Carleton Community Members,

Carleton has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Health to administer COVID-19 vaccines to our employees, regular contractors, and your household members. In preparation for the vaccination clinics that we plan to establish at Carleton, we need to hear from you about your interest in and availability to receive the vaccine, as well as information that will help us determine whether you or your household members fall into the priority groups determined by the MDH.

At the bottom of this email is a link to the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form, which was developed to assist us in planning for Carleton’s vaccination clinics. Before completing the form, please carefully read the following information and review the new Vaccination section of the COVID-19 website.


  • Doses of the vaccine are distributed to community-based clinics like ours on a weekly basis. We are awaiting word from the state on when Carleton will receive its first set of doses, as well as how many doses will be provided.
  • Decisions about how many and when doses are distributed, and to which groups of people, are made by the state of Minnesota, not Carleton. As a community-based clinic, we are required to follow the state’s phased vaccine roll-out. This means we have committed to first vaccinating Carleton community members who are age 65 and older, as well as any members of your household who fall into that age group.
  • The next group expected to be vaccinated is those 64 and younger (including students) with medical conditions deemed high risk by the MDH.
  • We expect to eventually receive enough doses to vaccinate all Carleton community members, including faculty, staff, regular contractors, students, and household members. We believe this is likely to occur in multiple rounds over the course of several months. Prioritization for those in our general community who do not fall into the state’s risk-based groups has not yet been determined.
  • The Rice County Department of Health has already vaccinated our Security Services and Student Health and Counseling staff as members of the Phase 1a priority group set by the state.


  • In order to be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines for distribution, Carleton must attest that we will be able to administer all allocated doses within five days of receipt. Several questions on the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form are intended to determine your interest and availability so we can estimate the numbers of doses we can accept under this requirement, as well as prioritize vaccine recipients according to state guidelines.  
  • In addition to providing information about yourself, you will be asked to list your household members by age and to indicate whether they have high-risk medical conditions.  
  • Your responses on the form can be changed at any time as your situation changes (e.g., you receive the vaccine elsewhere). You may use the same link to access the form and revise your answers.
  • The information you provide on the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form will be stored in Human Resources. Please do not share confidential health information.


  • The College will receive notification from the state on a Friday that vaccinations will be arriving on our campus the following Monday or Tuesday. When we get this notice, we will access the information you submitted through the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form to determine whether you (or a member of your household) meet the criteria to receive one of these doses. If we have fewer doses than eligible individuals, we will prioritize within groups by age and on-campus status (Group 1, then Group 2, then Group 3).
  • If you or a household member are selected to receive the vaccination, you will be notified by Carleton through email and asked to sign up for an appointment time.
  • Once a vial is punctured, all doses must be administered within 6 hours. There is an opportunity to indicate on the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form that you would like to be contacted for an immediate vaccination if there are extra doses on a given day. In this case, you would be contacted for participation.
  • Carleton’s vaccination clinics will be held at the Rec Center Fieldhouse. You should plan to enter through the back of the building and to remain at the Rec Center for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine in order to be monitored.

News and additional information about vaccinations at Carleton will be added to the Vaccination section of the COVID-19 website as it becomes available. Updates will also be shared with you through the Weekly Pandemic Update.

Access the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form

We look forward to helping distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to our community members and thank you in advance for your participation in completing the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form. We also strongly encourage you to continue to explore and sign up for other vaccine opportunities as they arise through your health care provider or community vaccination clinics. The best vaccine is the one that is made available to you.


The COVID-19 Core Team

Carolyn H. Livingston, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Eric Runestad, Vice President and Treasurer
Elise Eslinger, Vice President and Chief of Staff
Gretchen Hofmeister, Associate Dean of the College
John Bermel, Director of Security and Emergency Management
Helen Clarke, Director of Digital Strategy and Public Affairs