Message about Surveillance Testing Results and Resources for Symptomatic People

20 October 2021

Dear Members of the Carleton Community,

We have completed two weeks of random surveillance testing, which captures roughly 10% of our campus community, and have reported zero cases of COVID-19 through this effort. This is a promising result which suggests that the virus is not widely circulating within our highly vaccinated population.

When we consider both the random surveillance tests and the number of other tests administered due to symptoms, close contacts, and other circumstances, we tested 24% of our campus population last week, and expect to capture about the same percentage by the end of this week. We feel optimistic about our ability to measure the rate of infection on campus as we continue to see very few positive cases. A determination about whether to extend surveillance testing into November will be made next week.

As we shift into a cooler time of year, we are seeing other illnesses on campus that are typical for the fall season. If you are feeling unwell, please follow the guidance on the Responding to COVID-19 website, which has been updated to include a resource from the Minnesota Department of Health that may help you determine what actions to take based on your specific symptoms and circumstances.


The COVID-19 Core Team

Carolyn H. Livingston, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Eric Runestad, Vice President and Treasurer
Elise Eslinger, Vice President and Chief of Staff
Eric Egge, Associate Dean of the College
John Bermel, Director of Security and Emergency Management
Helen Clarke, Director of Digital Strategy and Public Affairs