Message about COVID-19 Case Reporting

15 August 2020

Dear Members of the Carleton Community,

Last week, we began our COVID-19 baseline testing for faculty and staff who will be working on campus this fall. Out of the 160 individuals who were tested, 3 tested positive for COVID-19. This reflects a positivity rate of 1.9% percent, with results delivered less than 48 hours after testing was conducted.

The individuals who tested positive have been notified and are in isolation. All close Carleton contacts have been notified and are following safe quarantine protocols off campus. Our team of contact tracers is working swiftly in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health to notify anyone else who was in close contact with these individuals.

We have expected that we would have positive cases of COVID-19 in our campus community, and we anticipate that we will have more. Our strategy for symptom monitoring, testing, contact tracing, quarantine and isolation was developed to quickly identify, confirm and isolate cases of COVID-19 on campus in order to mitigate the spread of the virus, and this system is working.

We continue to require that all members of our community who are living or working on campus self-monitor daily for symptoms of COVID-19. If at any point you identify symptoms, please remove yourself from common areas and self-isolate. Students should also contact SHAC, and faculty and staff should contact their medical provider. For those working or living on campus, daily symptom monitoring will begin on Monday, August 17. Information about this process will be shared separately.

We will continue to test additional groups of faculty and staff in the days ahead. Student testing will begin on Sept. 4. While we are providing notification of this initial set of positive cases, future positive cases will be reported on the COVID-19 dashboard on the College website.


Eric Runestad
Vice President and Treasurer
On behalf of the COVID-19 Core Team