We will continue to add additional FAQs to this page as they are developed.

How can I connect with Carleton and the Carleton community virtually? 

  • Carleton Connects Archives: Check out past lectures and conversations.
  • Community Support Resources for Carls: Explore ways to support change on campus and across the country.
  • Carleton in Your Area: If you’re interested in hosting a virtual, regionally based event, contact Alumni Relations.
  • Carleton by Class: If you’d like to host a virtual gathering for your class, contact Alumni Relations.
  • For Parents: Regional late-summer gatherings will be held via Zoom to welcome the incoming Class of 2024 and their families.
  • Carleton News: Keep up with what’s happening on campus.

What is the College doing to support students with financial needs?

Carleton has met emergency funding requests from students to cover many needs, including:

  • Transportation to their home or other safe place
  • Funding to address food insecurity
  • Funds for wifi or other technical assistance to assure access to remote learning
  • Funds to address ongoing medical and mental health needs

Students may continue to request emergency funding through the Dean of Students Office.

How is the College supporting students who don’t have a safe home to return to?

Students have been able to petition to remain on campus by sharing their circumstances with the Dean of Students Office. The ability to depart campus for a safe home is among the factors considered.

What is the College doing to support recent graduates with their transition to the workforce?

Every member of the Class of 2020 was assigned a career coach (a professional staff member in the Career Center) to assist with their individual plans. Career coaches connected with them throughout the term and beyond to support their search processes and post-college planning.

Alumni can help support seniors in this area in the following ways:

  • You can share internship or job postings with students via our internships/jobs website, Handshake.
  • You can join the Carleton College Alumni group on LinkedIn for our weekly guided discussions this spring. 
  • You can create a job, internship, or job shadow opportunity exclusively for a Carleton student. Please email our employer relations team to talk through the details and how we can help you recruit a talented Carl.
  • The Career Center is developing some virtual activities to help facilitate knowledge-sharing through a modified 30 Minutes program and related opportunities. Please email RJ Holmes-Leopold if you have specific expertise on how to be successful in a search process or would like to talk about your industry experience. 

How can I help?

Make a gift to the Alumni Annual Fund, which provides approximately $10 million each year to the college budget and provides maximum flexibility for the College as we look to support our students and faculty. The Alumni Annual Fund directly supports the additional dollars being spent to assist students now and in Spring Term.

The College, through Student Financial Services, meets 100% of the demonstrated financial need for all students enrolled. This calculation is made equitably for all students by using data submitted through the FAFSA form.

Every year, a student’s financial aid package is reassessed based on the financial circumstances for each family. It is likely the financial aid budget for returning students next fall will increase, reflecting the severe economic disruption currently underway.