Interpreting this Data

The number of new test results reflects only those tests conducted by Carleton College. Test counts align with the test collection date.

The number of new and active cases and cases in isolation and quarantine reflect known data for all Carleton students, faculty, staff, and contractors who are living, learning, or working on campus for Fall Term 2020. These tallies include cases of COVID-19 confirmed through testing outside of Carleton. Isolation numbers include presumptive cases that require isolation while awaiting test results. Because many tools and systems are tracking data from dashboards like this one, cases confirmed outside of Carleton are not included in our new test results data, as this could lead to duplication of reported results. 

Data is posted weekly on Thursdays. Previous weeks’ results may be updated if lab results are delayed or additional information is gained through the contact tracing process.

WeekNew Test ResultsNew CasesTotal Active CasesIn Isolation On CampusIn Quarantine On CampusIn Isolation Off CampusIn Quarantine Off Campus
August 13–193956600611
August 20–261851300312
Aug. 27–Sept. 2165000006
Sept. 3-91,133334815
Sept. 10-161,105114704

Isolation means separation, during the period of communicability, of a person infected with a communicable disease, in a place and under conditions so as to prevent direct or indirect transmission of an infectious agent to others.

Quarantine means restriction, during a period of communicability, of activities or travel of an otherwise healthy person who likely has been exposed to a communicable disease to prevent disease transmission during the period of communicability in the event the person is infected.

The Minnesota Department of Health maintains a detailed dashboard that tracks cases at the state and county level. Minnesota COVID-19 Information.

Rice County also publishes information about the number of cases and the current situation in our area. Rice County COVID-19 Information.