Carleton is committed to helping its community navigate copyright law in an informed and conscientious manner. These resources are provided to help you better understand copyright guidelines and issues.

General Copyright Resources

  • Copyright (University of Minnesota)
    • This website focuses on copyright information as it applies to teaching, research, the library, and more. It provides basic information about copyright including the issue of fair use, and the public domain.
  • Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford University)
    • The Stanford University Libraries have compiled a wealth of information regarding copyright and fair use. The web page includes links to primary materials, copyright and fair use guides to articles, mailing lists and communities, US agencies, and more. What is especially nice about this website is that it provides information on current issues regarding copyright.
  • Copyright Crash Course (University of Texas)
    • For a whimsical yet information-packed journey through copyright and fair use, scroll down through the University of Texas’ Copyright Crash Course.
  • U.S. Copyright Act, Title 17 (U.S. Copyright Office)
    • This is the complete copyright law of the United States of America and related laws contained in Title 17 of the United States Code.

Campus Guidelines and Issues

Fair Use

Case Law

  • Current Legislation and Issues (Stanford University)
    • Keep abreast of current changes or additions to copyright law.
  • NewsNet (United States Copyright Office)
    • A free online newsletter that alerts us to hearings, new legislation, proposed changes, new publications, and the like. It also solicits comments on actions the office is taking.

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