Apr 15

Convocation with Andrew Morrison ’82: "Nudging our Way to Gender Equality"

Fri, April 15, 2022 • 10:50am - 11:50am (1h) • Skinner Chapel

Andrew Morrison ’82 is a Carleton graduate and economist who is passionate about promoting gender equality in the developing world. In his Convocation lecture entitled Nudging our Way to Gender Equality, he will reveal his greatest professional failure and share some painful (and valuable) lessons learned from the experience. He will talk about the potential for harnessing the tools of behavioral science to promote gender equality in both developed and developing countries.  Along the way, he will reflect on his journey from Carleton undergrad to development economist and male champion for gender equality.

Additionally, Andrew Morrison is a special consultant on gender violence and former chief of the Gender and Diversity Division of the Inter-American Development Bank, where he has spearheaded a number of development policies aimed at increasing gender equality and providing economic opportunities for women. Before joining the IDB, he held the position of Chief Economist of the World Bank’s Gender and Development Group and also served as Regional Coordinator on Gender for Latin America and the Caribbean within the same institution.

Morrison has been Associate Professor of Economics at Tulane University and the University of New Mexico. He has published books and articles on issues of gender equality, international migration, labor markets and violence prevention.

Event Contact: Noel Ponder

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Convocation with Andrew Morrison ’82: "Nudging our Way to Gender Equality"
  • Intended For: General Public, Students, Faculty, Staff, Alums, Prospective Students, Families

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