Convocation with Scott Freeman ’78

16 April 2021

Biologist and author Scott Freeman shares insights on environmental education and engagement.

Convocation with Maya Dusenbery ’08

9 April 2021

Journalist Maya Dusenbery examines a medical system rife with inequities in its diagnosis and treatment of men vs. women

Convocation with Ralph James Savarese

2 April 2021

Disabilities scholar Ralph James Savarese dispels misguided notions about autism.

Convocation with Clive Thompson

19 February 2021

Journalist, author, and tech expert Clive Thompson discusses how technology is changing our minds forever.

Convocation with Sharon Washington Risher

12 February 2021

Sharon Washington Risher shares her firsthand account of losing a loved one to gun violence, racism, and hate.

Convocation with Bree Newsome

5 February 2021

Contemporary civil rights icon Bree Newsome illustrates how ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference.

Convocation with Frank Warren

29 January 2021

PostSecret creator Frank Warren urges the elimination of mental health stigma and the creation of community.

Convocation with Kristina Wong

22 January 2021

Performance artist Kristina Wong uses humor to make smart social statements.

Convocation with Robert Lang

15 January 2021

Computational origami artist Robert Lang discusses art and engineering.

Convocation with Kaila Mullady

8 January 2021

World champion beatboxer Kaila Mullady talks about owning your unique strengths and differences to stand out and to thrive.