Convocation with Danielle Feinberg

11 February 2022

At Pixar, Danielle Feinberg delights in bending the rules of light to her every whim.

Danielle Feinberg

Black History Month Convocation with Toni Carter ’75

4 February 2022

Toni Carter ’75 a commissioner for Ramsey County, Minnesota is the first African American ever to serve on a county board in the state.

Toni Carter

Convocation with Valerie Gonzalez

28 January 2022

Investigative reporter Valerie Gonzalez unravels complex issues and uncovers human stories from the Texas-Mexico border.

Valerie Gonzalez

Convocation with Joseph Uscinski

21 January 2022

Political scientist Joseph Uscinski specializes in the study of conspiracy theories.

Joseph Uscinski

Convocation with Kao Kalia Yang ’03

14 January 2022

Kao Kalia Yang ’03 is a Hmong-American writer, filmmaker, and teacher

Kao Kalia Yang

Convocation with Chuck Collins

7 January 2022

Despite being born into the 1%, Chuck Collins has devoted his life to wealth distribution reform.

Chuck Collins

Convocation with Sean Sherman

5 November 2021

Oglala Lakota Chef Sean Sherman, founder of The Sioux Chef, is decolonizing our food system.

Sean Sherman

Convocation with David Gallo

29 October 2021

A pioneer in ocean exploration, David Gallo is an enthusiastic ambassador between the sea and those of us on dry land.

David Gallo

Convocation with Stephen Asma

22 October 2021

Scholar Stephen Asma leads an extraordinary tour of the human creative spirit.

Stephen Asma

Convocation with Dr. Tiya Miles

15 October 2021

Acclaimed historian Tiya Miles is a fierce advocate for telling powerful and complex stories of African American & Native American history.

Tiya Miles