Honors Convocation with Michael Martin ’09

27 May 2022

Annual ceremony that draws the campus community together to celebrate the awards and academic accomplishments of our students.

Michael Martin 09

Convocation with Mona Chalabi: “Taking the Numb Out of Numbers”

17 May 2022

Mona Chalabi is a journalist who really loves numbers. She is the Data Editor of The Guardian where she writes articles, produces documentaries, and illustrates and animates data. After analyzing statistics for the…

Mona Chalabi

Convocation with Phil Chan ’06

6 May 2022

Phil Chan is a co-founder of Final Bow for Yellowface, and author of Final Bow for Yellowface: Dancing between Intention and Impact, and the President of the Gold Standard Arts…

Phil Chan '06

Convocation with Jorge Castañeda

29 April 2022

Former foreign minister of Mexico, Jorge Castañeda is a renowned public intellectual, political scientist, and prolific writer.

Dr. Jorge Castaneda

Convocation with Jesmyn Ward

22 April 2022

Acclaimed author Jesmyn Ward writes about the experiences of the poor, and the Black and the rural people of the South.

Jesmyn Ward

Convocation with Andrew Morrison ’82

15 April 2022

Economist Andrew Morrison specializes in issues of gender violence prevention and labor market participation of disadvantaged groups.

Andrew Morrison

Convocation with David Cole Wheeler

8 April 2022

A father’s journey to make sense of a tragedy that by all measures seems senseless.

David Cole Wheeler

Convocation with Aimee Nezhukumatathil

1 April 2022

Please note: This Convocation was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. There is no video recording available. We hope to reschedule Aimee during Fall 2022.

Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Convocation with Soleil Ho

25 February 2022

Soleil Ho is a young, queer woman of color who wants to redefine food criticism.

Soleil Ho

Convocation with Alix Freedman

18 February 2022

Journalist Alix Freedman discusses the value of journalism forged in the crucible of facts.

Alix Freedman