Hosting a Conference, Retreat, Wedding or Overnight Event at Carleton

Carleton College is located 45 miles south of Minneapolis/St. Paul in the historic river town of Northfield, Minnesota. Founded in 1866, Carleton is a small, private liberal arts college best known for its academic excellence and warm, welcoming campus community.

What makes Carleton a unique and accommodating venue?

  • We offer a customizable approach to create the best possible experience while at Carleton.
  • We are always friendly, accountable, and willing to help you with any of your planning needs.
  • We can accommodate any size group for any length of time, from a small retreat to a large conference.
  • We are very budget conscious and will work with you to find the best solution for your event on campus.
  • We provide one Carleton staff member to be your main contact before, during, and after your event on campus to ensure consistency.

Additional services unique to Carleton (all optional)

  • Full housing registration management (i.e. registration form, administrative responsibilities, roommate pairing, etc.)
  • Creation of a website for your conference, retreat, or event to house information, forms, and campus resources.
  • Easy and accessible online payment forms (with credit card payment).

Protection, beyond College insurance policies (not optional)

  • The College requires evidence that buses and vans contracted for transportation are insured. Please have the vendor e-mail a Certificate of Insurance listing Carleton College as additional insured to the Risk Manager.
  • The State of MN requires every motor vehicle which is operated on the public roads, streets and highways in Minnesota must be covered by proper no-fault and liability insurance.
  • Carleton College requires general liability insurance for all approved “third parties” to use College facilities for specific events.  If the ”third party” in unable to obtain general liability insurance on their own, they can purchase coverage through the University Risk Management and Insurance Association’s TULIP Program (Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy, also known as “Events Coverage”).