The Match — Deadline Tuesday, April 30th

29 April 2024

Hi students majoring in, interested in, or eligible to take 200-level courses in CS,

The Carleton Computer Science department is continuing a pilot preregistration match system for CS courses numbered 202 and above.  The idea is to guarantee a seat in a single desired CS course for as many students as possible, while maintaining seniority-based priorities for registration.  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Registration for CS 111 and 201 works as normal, but if you want to take a CS course numbered 202 or above, you should participate in The Match.  To do so, you MUST fill out this linked form by noon on Tuesday, April 30, to submit your ranking of CS courses you’re interested in taking next term. The form has info about the CS classes offered next term. You will receive an email confirmation after you’ve submitted the form (if not, or if you have questions, please get in touch). Before filling out the form, make sure to also visit Workday and think about your entire schedule next term, not just your CS courses, so that you are aware of potential conflicts when making your choices for The Match.
  2. After all rankings are submitted, we run an algorithm to perform the matching. It tries to match each student (in seniority order) to a single CS course, which is the one that they most prefer that still has room left.  By the start of advising days, we will email you to let you know if you matched to a course (and, if so, which one).
  3. If you match to a course, then you will be guaranteed to be able to register for that course during your priority registration period.  If you do not choose to do so by a to-be-announced time near the end of the priority registration period, your seat will no longer be guaranteed.
  4. All seats to which students do not match will be available as usual during registration.  If you didn’t participate in the match, didn’t match, or if you’d like to take a second CS course, you can select from these seats just as you normally would.

Questions? Visit our CS Match webpage, which has an overview and then a link within to an FAQ. If you have further questions, contact Our goal with this process is to make CS more accessible to everyone – please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks, and take care,

Dave and the CS Match team