Pilot section of Data Structures in Kotlin

13 May 2024

The CS Department has been evaluating whether Java is still the right language for our data structures course, and we’re tentatively planning to make a change for 2025-2026. In advance of that, we’ll have a single section of CS201: Data Structures that will be taught in the programming language Kotlin, which is the language we’re planning to move to in 2025-2026. We’re planning to move to Kotlin because it’s a more modern language than Java, which brings some advantages including less verbose syntax; it also has a growing community of developers using it in a range of applications across platforms. As you think about your course choices for 2024-2025, we wanted to let you know that the 2a Fall section of CS201 (CS201.02) will be taught in Kotlin. The course will teach the same concepts as other offerings of data structures, and will prepare you for courses that have CS200/CS201 as a prerequisite. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to CS Department Chair Anna Rafferty.