DIS is an off-campus study program in Copenhagen. Large numbers of Carleton students have attended for many years, including some CS majors. As with many semester programs, the majority of Carleton students who study at DIS choose to do so in the fall term. (As with all OCS programs, studying at DIS in the fall of senior year is incompatible with a Fall/Winter comps schedule.)

Most Carleton CS students studying at DIS choose to pursue intellectual interests other than computer science, but DIS has recently launched a new program in computer science, with two core courses: (1) Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning, and (2) Game Development. 

To participate in any non-Carleton OCS program, including DIS, you must complete an application form for approval from the OCS office to participate.

How Credit Transfers Back to Carleton

The DIS “core course” on Game Development and its accompanying lab will count as CS elective credit towards the major. The DIS “core course” on Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning will count as CS elective credit towards the major. (You cannot receive credit for this course and Carleton’s CS 320 or CS 328.)

There are three DIS elective courses that count as CS elective credit towards the major: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Analysis of Big Data, and Programming Languages Paradigms. (The AI course overlaps with Carleton’s CS 321; you cannot “double dip” by receiving credit for AI at DIS and for CS 321 at Carleton. Similarly, the Programming Languages Paradigms course corresponds to Carleton’s CS 251.) The DIS elective courses on The Rhetoric of Gaming in Scandinavia and Disruptive Technology do not count towards the CS major.

The number of Carleton credits that you’ll receive (and thus how many CS major elective credits you’ll receive) is determined by the registrar’s office. The Carleton OCS office has a great deal of experience with DIS and can help you navigate any questions about credit transfer.