Virginia State University 12 Month Master of Science Program in Computer Science

14 February 2019

Through funds available from the US Department of Education, the Computer Science program at Virginia State University is providing financial assistance to qualified students to pursue a 12 month Master of Science program in Computer Science.

Students will get tuition/fee support and receive a stipend of $1666.67 per month for the 12 month duration of the program (totaling $20,000).

For further information about this program, individuals are encouraged to contact Dr. Joon Suk Lee @ (CS Graduate Program Coordinator) or Dr. Dawit Haile (Dean for the College of Engineering and Technology) at

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must

1. be US citizens;

2. be African Americans or qualify as low-income; and

3. have graduated from a Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related area with a GPA of 3.2 or better

During the term of the program, students may not maintain outside employment. They are expected to work full-time towards the completion of their research program to successfully defend a Master’s thesis by the end of summer semester 2020.