Parenthetic Summer 2019 SDH Program

2 May 2019

Parenthetic is recruiting computer science and data science graduate students for a two-week activity on the DARPA Software Defined Hardware Program (SDH).  The goal of the Software Defined Hardware (SDH) program is to build runtime-reconfigurable hardware and software that enables near ASIC performance without sacrificing programmability for data-intensive algorithms. If successful, SDH will result in the ability to develop and run data-intensive, data-exploitation algorithms at very low cost, and, consequently, enable pervasive use of big-data solutions for a wide range of DoD applications including ISR, predictive logistics, decision support, and beyond.  Participants in the 2019 SDH summer evaluation will learn a new graph analytics framework and implement that across workflows.  All participants must commit to being available for 40 hours each week for two weeks during the evaluation timeline of June 10-July 12, 2019.  Participation Benefits:  DARPA resume pint, compensation for your time, learn a new computer language. Sign up today.