Updated: One-day Cyber-Security workshop for undergraduate women in computer science – Nov. 14

8 October 2020

Curious about cyber security? Want to learn about reverse engineering and software vulnerabilities, or how to leverage vulnerabilities to gain control of systems? Interested in hearing from other women and Holy Cross alumni about what it is like to work in cyber security? College of the Holy Cross is hosting a free online workshop on Saturday, November 14. No prior experience in cyber security is needed. 

If you have taken a course in introductory computer science, or you picked up basic programming and command-line experience elsewhere, then you have what it takes to succeed at this workshop. Besides giving you a taste of what cyber-security is all about, we hope this workshop will also give you a chance to meet like-minded peers at other schools and professionals working in the field. We aim for this to be fun too! Learn more and discover details and registration info or contact Kevin Walsh.