Florida International University (FIU) presents “Surf the wave with ASSET” REU Opportunity.

22 January 2020

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site at Florida International University (FIU) provides research experience to undergraduate students during a 10 week summer program. Surf the wave with ASSET Research! The research projects during the summer program will be centered around the theme of Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies (ASSET). Students will improve the understanding of the nature of research practice and scientific reasoning and learn the process of conducting research and hands-on knowledge of applied and basic research. Sponsored by NSF and DoD. There is an application submission deadline for Early Decision and another deadline for Regular Application Submission.

Available research projects share the theme of advanced secured sensor enabling technologies and span several exciting areas such as

    * Trajectory Privacy Preservation in Mobile Sensor Networks
    * Privacy & Secure Social Sensor Networks
    * Mobile Video Authenticity Verifications
    * Search Rank Validation for Social Media
    * A Software Library for Visualizing Large Scale Sensor Network Applications
    * Trajectory Sensor Stream Cleaning
    * Resource Management for Security & Surveillance over a Sensor Network
    * Self-configuring, non-cooperative Mobile Sensors and many others