30 Minutes: Ritvik Kar ’19 (CS Major) Product Mgr, Linkedin – Wed. Oct 27, 4pm

26 October 2021

Sign up for this group Zoom session with Ritvik Kar ’19 (Computer Science & Cinema/Media Studies), Product Manager, LinkedIn. Product Managers are tasked with defining a problem statement (audience, need, value of solving that need) and rallying a team of cross-functional stakeholders to solve that problem. 2 common things you’ll hear: 1) PMs spend their time at the intersection of technology, design, and user experience and 2) PMs are the CEO of their product. I partially agree with both definitions. PMs do need to advocate for a real user need while navigating complexities and trade-offs across all three disciplines. Like a CEO, we are responsible for setting goals, defining success, motivating teams, and owning outcomes (good or bad). But unlike a CEO, we do this without any additional authority. As a PM, it’s critical to learn how to “influence without authority” and rally your team to buy into a vision vs dictating it to them.

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