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  • Symantec Programming Competition: February 22-March 1

    10 February 2006
    Symantec is hosting its first university programming competition in 
    February 2006 to encourage innovation and creativity in the software
    engineering discipline. Upon commencement of the competition,
    entrants will have one week to program an artificial life-form that
    must survive and thrive within a virtual world. The entrant that
    builds the most efficient and robust virtual organism will win the
    competition, as well as one of several exciting prizes including
    meeting Symantec's CTO. For more information, visit
    http://www.symantec.com/specprog/university . First prize is $10,000!
  • Click above for more information.

  • Secure Computing, located in the Twin Cities, has hired a number of our graduating computer science majors. Dave Diehl of Secure Computing will be visiting our department and giving a talk. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the field of computer security, as well as to make a connection with a potential job opportunity. The talk will be on Thursday, February 9, at 4:30 pm in CMC 209. Cookies will be served. Click above for more information about the talk itself.

  • Student Research Presentations

    4 February 2006

    Do you want to learn more about research that Carleton students are doing, and at the same time help your fellow students win a research contest? Carleton computer science majors Jamie Olson and Anna Ritz have been selected to present their work at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Research Contest. In order to prepare for the big event, Anna and Jamie are going to give practice versions of their presentations to the department. Come and show your support, learn about their research, and provide constructive feedback so that they can win the contest! The practice presentations will be on Tuesday, February 7, at 3:30 PM, in CMC 206. Cookies will be served. See you there!

  • The School of CTI at DePaul University and the Department of Radiology at Northwestern University (NWU) invite students to apply to the second summer of an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) students in Medical Informatics. Click above for more information.

  • Carleton computer science alum Jennifer Wightman (’97) tells us that there are a very high number of open positions at her company, Kroll Ontrack. Click above for more information.

  • Gathering for prospective majors

    20 January 2006

    Are you considering majoring in computer science?

    We’re going to be hosting a session for prospective computer science majors on Tuesday, January 24, at 5:30 PM in CMC 206.

    • Meet computer science faculty and students.
    • See cool movies.
    • Learn about how computer science connects to the liberal arts.
    • Eat free pizza.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Donegal Carpets in Northfield is looking for graphic design help making patterns for hand woven rugs. Click above for more information.

  • Internships at Southwestern University

    10 January 2006

    The National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE) is sponsoring an internship in software engineering to be held at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. The internship provides room, board, and a $2500 stipend. Check out this website for more information.

  • Internships at Fog Creek Software

    10 January 2006

    Fog Creek Software in New York City is looking for summer interns. They pay $750 per week, and that includes free housing, weekday lunches, round-trip airfare, and weekly cultural activities. Application deadline is February 1. Want more information? Check out this website.