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  • Computer Science Ice Cream Social

    21 February 2006

    Dan Lew, one of computer science majors, says: “You are invited to a computer science ice cream social, this coming Friday (the 24th), from 8-10 PM. If you’re a CS major, professor, staff, or prospective then come and make yourself a tasty ice cream sundae and have a good time. I will be holding the get-together at my house, Prentice house (otherwise known as the Q&A house). It’s at 107 Division st., down the hill and across the street from the town houses. It’s got a rainbow flag in the window. RSVP’ing is not required, though it’d be nice to know generally how many people will come, so email me if you expect to show up.”

  • Epic Systems Hiring on Campus

    20 February 2006
    Epic Systems, based in Madison, WI, is back on campus looking to hire Carleton computer science students. There will be an information session on Monday, March 6, at 4:30 PM in Sayles-Hill with interviews the following day. Epic has hired many of our graduates in the past — this is a fabulous job opportunity.
  • Summer Internships and Full-Time Jobs at MITRE Corporation

    20 February 2006

    Carleton alum Charles Schmidt ’97 tells us that the Crypto and IA Research department at the MITRE Corp. has openings for a summer intern and a number of full time workers. The department works in computer security, but applicants do not need any prior experience in this area. They are looking for people who can learn quickly and who have good research skills. Most of their work involves performing research into the security of various products and technologies and providing reports and recommendations. The department also performs original research in areas like network protocol analysis and hardened security systems. For more information, please contact cmschmidt@mitre.org.

  • Summer Internships with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    16 February 2006

    Carleton alum Nat Beagley ’94 is looking for interns for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington. He is part of PNNL’s Statistical Sciences Group, whose website indicates “We regularly develop and/or apply data mining methods, multivariate analysis techniques, classification/clustering, simulation, error/uncertainty propagation, prediction, experimental design, time series analysis, and sample survey design. For more information about our group, please visit http://www.pnl.gov/Statistics/.” Beagley indicated in his email to us that “a lot of our projects are statistics based but we also do a lot of computational data analysis so students with a computer science background or interest/experience working with data (data mining, visualization, natural language processing, etc…) are also encouraged to apply.” Interested? Check out the above web page on the group itself, or the internship web page at http://science-ed.pnl.gov/undergrad/fellowships.stm.

  • Hope College Summer Undergraduate Research Program Invites Student Applications

    16 February 2006

    Hope College is hosting a Computer Science NSF REU summer undergraduate research program in the summer of 2006. They have support for at least five undergraduate researchers who are not Hope students, and so students are encouraged to consider this opportunity to be involved with computer science research. They have a special initiative to encourage the participation of participants from underrepresented groups. Application materials and other information are available on their webpage at http://www.cs.hope.edu/reu.

  • Microsoft Access Consultant Needed

    14 February 2006

    HealthFinders Collaborative is a local organization that has opened an affordable health clinic here in Rice County that serves the
    underinsured and uninsured residents of Rice County. The HealthFinders Coordinator, who is actually a Carleton alum, needs
    somebody proficient in Microsoft Access to “show her the ropes,” so that she can more efficiently run patient queries, and so on. Do you have experience with Microsoft Access that could be put to good use? If so, contact Carleton student Ben Pacht (pachtb@carleton.edu).

  • Ph.D. Student Wanted in Operating Systems

    14 February 2006

    Andrew Tannenbaum, the well-known computer scientist who has written a number of textbooks, is looking to take on a Ph.D. student at Vrije University in Amsterdam. For more information, check out http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/jobs/.

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  • Susanne Hambrusch on Campus

    14 February 2006

    Susanne Hambrusch, the head of the CS department at Purdue University, will be on campus this Friday afternoon (February 17). If you are interested in meeting with her, contact Amy Csizmar Dalal as soon as possible.

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