“Keeping you in the loop since 2005”

  • Carleton alum Loren Woo ’93, member of the Design Services Team at SAP, tells us that they’re looking to hire summer interns. Click above for more information.

  • Prescio Consulting tells us that they’re looking to hire new computer science grads. Click above for more information.

  • KRLX looking for volunteers

    6 March 2006

    KRLX-FM, Carleton’s student-run radio station, has two available IT / media-related positions. They are looking for volunteers to fill the positions of “New Media Director” and “IT Director.” If interested, email stationmanager@krlx.org.

  • 2005 Turing Award Winner: Peter Naur

    6 March 2006

    Peter Naur has long been known as the driving force behind defining the programming language Algol 60. He was recently granted the Turing Award, which is considered by many to be the equivalent of a Nobel Prize for computing. Naur’s name is the ‘N’ in Backus-Naur Form (BNF), a meta-language used to define programming languages. For more information, see http://www.acm.org/2005_turing_award. (As far as the editors of the Sentinel know, Peter Naur bears no relation to Carleton CS prof Richard Nau.)

  • Carleton alum Ethan Sommer ’03 is currently working for the IT department at Gustavus Adolphus College. He tells us that they have an opening for a “User Services” position, and he’s love to see a Carl get the job. Click above for more info about the position.

  • Artamus Looking for Summer Programmer

    23 February 2006

    Derrick Bilderbeek from Armatus tells us that he’s looking for a student programmer for the summer (10 weeks). The programming will be in C# or VB.NET, which he expects should be easy to pick up with a background in Java. The student can work from home or vacation spot. Here’s a short description of the project, from Derrick: “For exchange traded funds a program is written in Excel. The calculation is currently very inefficient (VBA in Excel). This code needs to be written in C# or VB.NET with a .NET grid or Excel as front-end. Also it must be easy to make graphs from the data.” If you’re interested, email Dave Musicant (dmusican@carleton.edu) before March 30 indicating that you wish to be considered. Dave will then send the list of names off to Derrick.

  • Are you interested in working on cutting edge projects with cool
    technologies, and getting research experience at the same time? Would you like to do something this summer that will boost your resume and prepare you for either graduate school or a job once you graduate? Have you wondered what interdisciplinary research (say, combining computer science with chemistry or media studies or sociology) would be like? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then click above! There are several research opportunities available for this coming summer in Computer Science.

  • Senior Comps Presentations

    22 February 2006

    It’s that time of year again—Comps extravaganza time! Come and find out what this year’s seniors have been up to for the past two terms, and learn about some really interesting solutions to two particularly vexing computer science problems. The event is in Boliou 104 on Saturday, February 25, from 10:00 to noon, with lunch immediately following. Here are the details for the two talks:

    • 10:00-11:00am: “A Smart Firewall” — Seth Meyer, Chris Rupp, Mark Sielaff, Jon Sulman
    • 11:00-noon: “Making Visual Interfaces Easier with ELVIS” — Luke Maurer, Tyler Odean, Anna Ritz, Taylor Valore

    Hope to see you there!

  • Computer Science Ice Cream Social

    21 February 2006

    Dan Lew, one of computer science majors, says: “You are invited to a computer science ice cream social, this coming Friday (the 24th), from 8-10 PM. If you’re a CS major, professor, staff, or prospective then come and make yourself a tasty ice cream sundae and have a good time. I will be holding the get-together at my house, Prentice house (otherwise known as the Q&A house). It’s at 107 Division st., down the hill and across the street from the town houses. It’s got a rainbow flag in the window. RSVP’ing is not required, though it’d be nice to know generally how many people will come, so email me if you expect to show up.”

  • Epic Systems Hiring on Campus

    20 February 2006
    Epic Systems, based in Madison, WI, is back on campus looking to hire Carleton computer science students. There will be an information session on Monday, March 6, at 4:30 PM in Sayles-Hill with interviews the following day. Epic has hired many of our graduates in the past — this is a fabulous job opportunity.