Oct 11

CS Tea Talk by Rishab Nithyanand, University of Iowa

Thu, October 11, 2018 • 4:00pm - 5:00pm (1h) • CMC 209

Prof. Rishab Nithyanand on Tussling with Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet

In recent years the Internet has integrated itself into the critical infrastructure and its users have become increasingly dependent on it for commerce, communication, and social and political organization. This has resulted in the emergence of Internet stakeholders that have competing and contradictory interests. For example, given that the Internet economy is fueled by user data and targeted advertising, content providers aim to maximize their ability to gather user data and personally identifiable information (PII). This goal contradicts the interests of parties lobbying for consumer and privacy protection on the Internet. Effective regulation and resolution of such tussles by Internet governing authorities are hampered by the opacity of the Internet and the inability to uncover the behaviors of competing parties. In this talk I will focus on my most recent work that uncovers the state of two such tussles: (1) anonymity vs. accountability and (2) privacy vs. profitability.

Event Contact: Sue Jandro

Event Summary

CS Tea Talk by Rishab Nithyanand, University of Iowa
  • When
    • Thursday, October 11, 2018
    • 4:00pm - 5:00pm (1h)
  • Where
    • CMC 209
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  • Intended For: Students, Faculty, Staff

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