2023-24 CS Department T-Shirt Order Instructions:

The votes are in; the t-shirt design created by Hannah Moran was the winner! Congrats Hannah!

Thank you to the SDAs, Shreya Nair, Evan Lauer, and Emma Roskopf, and Quoc Nguyen (our Educational Associate) for making this possible! 

The T-shirt order form (below) is must be submitted by Friday, May 17, by 12:00 Noon. Yay, the deadline was extended. If you do not fill out the form you will not get a t-shirt (yes, that includes the class of 2024 and the department faculty & staff)!

For Senior CS Majors (Class of ’24) & CS Faculty/Staff: your t-shirt is free!

Note: This offer is for CS majors only. Be sure to include your home mailing address if you’ve graduated early, are living outside of Northfield and not coming back for commencement. We will ship your t-shirt at no additional cost. Include complete mailing address and phone number. The hitch? When your shirt arrives, take a picture of yourself wearing it and send it to Marla (maericks@carleton.edu).

For Class of ’25, ’26, and ’27 CS Majors and Non-majors:

Your t-shirt cost depends on how many total t-shirts we order. Yep, we get a volume discount, so encourage your fellow classmates to order!

If (number_of_shirts_ordered > 149) {
  System.out.println("T-shirts costs $8.00 each");
} else {
  System.out.println("T-shirts costs $10.00 each");

As soon as we submit the order, we’ll know how much each T-shirt costs and we’ll email details of cost and how to pay.

T-Shirt Pick-up:

When the t-shirts are done, we will email you a schedule of pickup times. For the class of ’25, ’26’ and ’27, you will need to pay either cash to Marla or venmo to Evan before you receive your t-shirt.

If you have questions, be sure to reach out to SDAs, Shreya Nair, Evan Lauer, or Emma Roskopf, or Marla Erickson (Department Administrative Assistant).

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