72 credits required for the major.

  • Courses required for the major. Because the content of CS 202 and MATH 236 have sufficient overlap, we will accept MATH 236 in lieu of the CS 202 requirement.
  • CS 111: Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS 201: Data Structures
  • CS 202: Mathematics of Computer Science
  • CS 208: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CS 251: Programming Languages: Design and Implementation
  • CS 252: Algorithms
  • CS 254: Computability and Complexity
  • CS 257: Software Design
  • MATH 111: Introduction to Calculus
  • Twelve additional credits from Computer Science
    • Courses numbered 200 or above (excluding independent study, senior seminar and comps).
  • Integrative Exercise: Majors must complete a capstone experience (CS 399 and CS 400) during the senior year. The student will participate on a team of four to seven students working on a faculty-specified project.

Potential majors should take Computer Science 111, Mathematics 111, and at least one of Computer Science 201 and 202 by the end of the sophomore year.

Although only one mathematics course is required for the CS major, we encourage our students to take mathematics and statistics courses beyond Mathematics 111. Students contemplating graduate study should consider taking the full Calculus sequence plus Statistics 120 and Mathematics 232, and additional computer science electives. Those interested in computer engineering should consider taking physics courses through Electricity & Magnetism and Electronics.