Thank you for your interest in the CS tenure-track position at Carleton College! Please submit your application by October 2, 2024, for full consideration; late applications will be considered to the extent we can within the interview timeline. If your questions aren’t answered below, please email For more information about Carleton and the Northfield area, further information for faculty candidates is available here.

The application process includes submitting your written materials, and then we will invite a subset of applicants to interview via video, followed by an on-campus interview for a small set of finalists. We expect to conduct on-campus interviews in the second half of October and the beginning of November.

For the written materials, we request the following:

  1. A cover letter. These are usually ~2 pages. The most helpful cover letters include an overview of:
    1. Why you have an interest in joining the CS Department at Carleton College. 
    2. Your training and experience in computer science, particularly if you do not have a Ph.D. in Computer Science.
    3. Your commitment to and vision for teaching and mentoring undergraduate students, as well as any past experiences working with this population. 
    4. Your contributions to the scholarly field and broad future research goals. 
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  3. A statement of teaching philosophy. This should address:
    1. Your pedagogical approaches, and how you envision teaching students from diverse backgrounds in an undergraduate, residential, liberal arts environment.
    2. Your past teaching and/or undergraduate mentoring experiences (including TAing or other teaching-related work).
    3. What existing classes at Carleton you would be prepared and excited to teach and (if applicable) what classes would you envision creating in the department.
  4. Research Statement. Include discussion of:
    1. Your research program and how you would pursue it in an undergraduate liberal arts environment.  This should include information about relevant previous and ongoing projects, including any published materials or other contributions to the field, as well as possible future projects.
    2. Details on how and if you would include a diverse set of undergraduate researchers in your research program.
  5. Your graduate transcript.

 Shortly after your application is received, applicants may receive a request for the contact information for three references. At least one of these references should be able to address your teaching; as above, “teaching” might including TAing, mentoring undergraduates, and other teaching-related work.