The mission of the committee is to consider a course of action for students who are having exceptional difficulty completing Carleton’s language requirement. This action is determined by reviewing a student submitted petition and supporting materials.

To learn more about the petition process, please visit the Language Testing Procedures webpage. The Language Requirement Exemption Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Standing Committee.   


Faculty: Two faculty members serve this committee. Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a two-year term.

Staff: An Associate Provost serves this committee in an ex officio capacity, as does the Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources.

Students: There are no students on this committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members

An experienced Language instructor is preferred.

Committee Work

The committee meets two times per term. The first meeting takes place just prior to the drop-add date to allow students to make informed decisions about staying in or dropping out of a course. The second meeting takes place just prior to the conclusion of each term which allow students to consider their registration opportunities.

Meeting agendas are determined by the number of petitions being discussed. The committee reports to the Academic Standing Committee, through the Associate Provost.