The Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC) annually:

  • Analyzes data on faculty compensation provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment;
  • Meets with the Budget Committee to discuss issues regarding faculty compensation for consideration by that committee as it prepares the next annual budget to be recommended by the Board of Trustees;
  • Reports on those issues to the full faculty;
  • Alerts the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) to issues raised by the faculty.


Faculty: There are three faculty members serving this committee. The chair of the committee should be a tenured member of the faculty and is appointed by the FAC to a three-year term. One faculty member is appointed by the FAC for a three-year term. The third member is an elected member of the Budget Committee.

Staff: The Provost and the Vice President and Treasurer serve this committee in an ex officio capacity.

Students: No students serve on this committee.

Committee Work

The committee consults annually with the FAC, the Provost and the Budget Committee to identify issues of local importance, and then analyze the points of concern that are raised. These concerns will relate directly to faculty compensation, and may involve the collection of additional data, the analysis of available data, and/or further consultation with the FAC and relevant administrators of the college.

The FCC will normally be expected to report to the FAC in the winter, and, where appropriate, present their findings to the faculty at the February meeting. This will allow the FCC to bring discussion to the Budget Committee and other relevant meetings in the spring.