The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) conducts all faculty elections and makes and monitors faculty appointments to all permanent and temporary College committees. The FAC shall resolve all situations concerning elections and appointments that are not covered in the faculty bylaws. The committee also oversees the general welfare of faculty members at the College.


Faculty: There are six faculty members serving this committee; each serve a three-year term. The president of the faculty serves in an ex officio capacity. Three faculty members must be tenured when elected and two members must be untenured when elected.

Staff: No staff serve on this committee.

Students: No students serve on this committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience

Committee members should be well connected to the campus community.

Committee Work

The committee meets weekly and its agendas are set by the chair, in consultation with members, the Provost and the Faculty President. The committee reports and communicates to the full faculty and the Provost.