The Stewsie Sustainability Award

D. Blake Stewart holding a shovel
D. Blake Stewart in 1964

Every year, the Environmental Advisory Committee awards the Stewsie Sustainability Award to one Carleton student and one Carleton faculty or staff member who has made a notable impact on academic and/or operational sustainability efforts at Carleton.

The awards are given to Carleton campus citizens whose character most reflects the determination, conviction, and innovation of the lifelong service of Dresdon Blake Stewart, better known as “Stewsie.” As superintendent of grounds, Stewsie served the College for more than 50 years. Through his problem-solving, willpower, and enthusiasm, Stewsie ensured the health and vitality of our natural environment.

The EAC seeks nominations for the award each spring. Winners receive a $150.00 cash prize and a certificate, as well as campus notification of their award.

Stewsie Award Eligibility Requirements

  • Nomination (unsolicited) by a member of the Carleton faculty, staff, or students
  • Full-time Carleton student or full-time Carleton faculty or staff member
  • Non-winners may be re-nominated in subsequent years; prior winners are not eligible

To Nominate

  • Write an email (no more than 500 words) describing why your nominee is deserving of this award.
  • Describe how your nominee embodies Stewsie’s spirit through a specific sustainability project that improves the health of human-environmental relationships on campus and beyond
  • Detail how their experiences and character best reflect the spirit of Stewsie’s conviction and dedication to our human relationship to the natural world
  • Email your nominations to Sarah Fortner by April 6, 2023

Past Winners


  • Student: Chloe Truebenbach ’23
  • Staff/Faculty: Nancy Braker


  • Student: Rebecca Horwitz ’22
  • Staff/Faculty: Kimberly K. Smith


  • Student: Alle Brown-Law ’21
  • Staff/Faculty: Martha Larson, Manager of Campus Energy & Sustainability


  • Student: Andrew Farias ’21
  • Staff/Faculty: Amy Swenson, Purchasing Card Specialist


  • Student: Alysala Malik ’19
  • Staff/Faculty: Erica Zweifel, CCCE Program Manager


  • Student: Emma Link ’18
  • Staff/Faculty: Alex Miller, Sustainability Program Coordinator


  • Student: Morgan Vought ’17
  • Staff/Faculty: Fred Rogers, VP and Treasurer


  • Student: Emma Vinella-Brusher ’16 and Shira Kaufman ’16
  • Staff/Faculty: Kelly Scheuerman, Center for Civic & Community Engagement Pathways Coordinator


  • Student: Sarah Lukins ’15
  • Staff/Faculty: Lynn Nichols, Custodial Administrative Assistant


  • Student (split): Anthony Hill-Abercrombie ’14 and Jackson van Fleet ’15
  • Staff/Faculty: Randy Peck


  • Student (split): Courtney Dufford ’14 and Lindsay Guthrie ’13
  • Staff/Faculty: Sue Caton


  • Student: Owen McMurtrey ’12
  • Staff/Faculty (split): Patti Sabrowski and Chris Remley


  • Student (split): Ryan Noe ’12 and Libby Nachman ’12
  • Staff/Faulty: Gloria Heinz


  • Student: Ray McGaughey ’11