Location: Zoom
Time: 12:30 – 1:30 pm
Members Present: George Vrtis, Martha Larson, Alex Miller, Beck Woolen, Denyse Marquez Sanchez, Ella Stack, Karen Chen, Erica Zweifel, Becca Horwitz, Mike Nishizaki, Jared Ley

Members Absent: Sneha Narayan

Guests: Simran Kadam, Jacyn Schmidt, Nancy Braker, Andrew Farias

Secretary: Becca Horwitz


  1. Introductions & Welcome
  2. Overview of Workshop 1.3 Reading & Carleton 2011 Climate Action Plan
  3. Discussion Questions:
    • Review the overarching structure of the 2011 Carleton Climate Action Plan (CAP) – do a carbon reduction section and an education / outreach section still make sense?
    • Review the specific sections in the 2011 plan – should any be deleted or added? How have things changed in ten years
      • Included in 2011 plan: energy, land management, waste, transportation, procurement, inside the classroom, outside the classroom, after the classroom, campus & community engagement, research
      • Not included in the 2011 plan: water, food, environmental justice, resilience, adaptation, carbon pricing, divestment / ESG investment, etc.
    • What do we like about the “staff picks”? What appears to make these plans successful? 
  4. Wrap Up


This meeting was recorded and can be accessed at the Zoom link above or by visiting the EAC’s Climate Action Plan Review page.