Members Present: Andrew Farias, Alex Miller, Erica Zweifel, George Vrtis, Denyse Marquez Sanchez, Martha Larson, Beck Woolen, Mike Nishizaki

Members Absent: Sneha Narayan, Tanya Hartwig

Guests: None present

Minutes Taken By: Alex Miller


  1. Discuss the Climate Action Plan update process for the upcoming academic year


The Environmental Advisory Committee Discussed at length the process surrounding the climate action plan update. The plan was proposed with the idea that the update would be carried out in a series of topical workshops to focus discussions:

Phase I Workshops for Fall 2020:

  • Workshop 1.1: The Last Ten Years of Climate Action at Carleton
  • Workshop 1.2: The Role of Higher Education (and Carleton) in the Global Climate Crisis
  • Workshop 1.3: CAP Structure and Framework
  • Workshop 1.4: CAP Administration and implementation

Phase II Workshops for Winter 2021

  • Workshop 2.1: Fossil Fuels
  • Workshop 2.2: Consumption and Waste
  • Workshop 2.3: Travel and Offsets
  • Workshop 2.4: Curriculum and Career Prep
  • Workshop 2.5: Community and Civic Engagement
  • Workshop 2.6: Environmental Justice
  • Workshop 2.7: Natural Resources and Ecology
  • Workshop 2.8: Resilience and Adaptation

The Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability and the Sustainability Program Coordinator posed several questions for the EAC to gain feedback on this proposed workshop structure and schedule, all of which can be read in this supplement document.

Next Steps

Sustainability Office staff and students will spend the summer gathering background information on the various topics above. They will create a packet of information for the EAC to review and provide recommendations for discussion at the start of the fall 2020 workshops.

If you would like to be involved in the Climate Action Plan update, please email Alex Miller, the Sustainability Program Coordinator, at