Present Members: Alex Miller, Andrew Farias, Erica Zweifel, Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam, Denyse Marquez Sanchez, Martha Larson, Sneha Narayan, 

Absent Members: George Vrtis, Tanya Hartwig, Mike Nishizaki 


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Climate Action Week Full Schedule Review 

New Items

  1. Climate Action Plan Matrices, carbon reduction and education and outreach discussion (attached)
    1. Carbon Reduction: 
      1. Transportation is not reflected in current policy with the circulation plan
      2. Land Management: no flooding and flood mitigation isn’t included in the plan
      3. No water section at all
      4. Waste management: benchmarking and right-sizing our receptacles for better data management. 
      5. Procurement: integrate into broader campus, circular economy 
    2. Education and Outreach: 
      1. NSW: Nolympics not helpful, Into the Arb sustainability reflection with STAs, On-floor meetings require waste education
      2. Pathways – is it a thing or not? Tagging jobs as “sustainability” or something, Other green job boards links to the Career Center website (already existing) 
      3. Sustainability Requirement in each department? 
        1. St. Thomas has requirement in most every department
        2. Education and Curriculum committee
      4. Green Network and weekly ENTS newsletter? Rethink outreaching tactics 
  2. Dot Voting Idea Generation 
    1. Water Conservation Strategies
    2. Organic Pest Management 
    3. Environmental Justice 
    4. Divestment 
    5. Solar
    6. Intentional Land Use (ie. Flooding)
    7. Bike Share
    8. Ice Salt / Sand impacts
    9. Regional Rail Transportation 
    10. Modality Shifts in transportation 
    11. Increased public bus systems
    12. Buying Carbon Offsets
    13. Aerobic Digesters for all waste
    14. Anaerobic Digesters for food waste
    15. Zero Waste Goal 
    16. Increase sustainability staffing on campus
    17. ENTS/Sustainability Minor
  3. Leave sticky notes for comments, categorize each sheet 
  4. Other updates
    1. AASHE Conference presentation proposals due Feb. 28th. 
      1. Unique collaborations with the office (Lighten Up, Reunion)
    2. Green2Go reusable to-go container program looking for pilots 
    3. The Sustainability Office and CCCE are hiring as well as for Lighten Up! Email Alex or Erica for details. 

Action Items

  1. Sign up to table on Monday, Feb. 17th from 11 am – 1 pm if you haven’t already. 

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  1. Sustainability Conferences for the next year
    1. AASHE in Milwaukee, WI Oct. 4-7, 2020