Location: Facilities 336

Time: 10:50 am

Present George Vrtis, Erica Zweifel, Andrew Farias, Madhav Mohan, Martha Larson, Ben Keefer, Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam, Alex Miller, Alex Knodell

Absent Tanya Hartwig

Secretary: Andrew Farias

I. Welcome/Intro

II. Introduction of STAs

III. Waste data at Carleton

IV. Upcoming Zero Waste planning

V. UMP update with Bald Spot

VI. Update from last year

VII. Planning for this year


UMACS Conference- save the date for September 27-28, 2019. Alex Miller is seeking volunteers to serve on a campus planning committee.


  • Travel offsets for emissions (air travel) for study abroad and professional travel is our biggest chunk because the EAC does not have control over it

EAC Discussion:

  • Can projects on campus be used to offset these carbon emissions? Such as renewable energy credits to “buy” green
  • George suggested to avoid offsets by overshooting capacity by liberating $10 million from the endowment as the President is not in favor of offsets
  • Ben suggested selling environmental credits to St. Olaf
  • Requiring an economic study that proves the rate of return on any investment

Solar PV array donation from alums: This possible donation would help Carleton offset the additional electricity usage from the Utility Master Plan and its heat pump. Martha Larson asked the EAC to help disperse information and report back the general feel from campus.
Funding Requests-Students for Zero Waste Conference

  • $426.14 request to travel to the University of Pennsylvania for the Post-Landfill Action Network’s Student for Zero Waste Conference in November
  • Request was funded in full

Waste Data

    • We are charged for every tip fee. The fullness of the bin is not clear and causes faulty data. Last year our diversion rate for recycling and composting was 48%, therefore just under half of what we produce as waste is going to other sources. Our new diversion rate is 53%. We’ve been adding different waste sources, like universal waste, Food Recovery Network, and Lighten Up Garage Sale and we still reduced our overall waste by 81 tonnes.EAC Discussion: Continuing the reduction of waste bins. With the high costs of bin sensors, having a pilot program with one bin located outside a popular location, like the stadium, may be the next course of action.

Zero Waste Plan

  • Writing with the PLAN in November

    Future Agenda Items:

    1. UMP presentation (Carleton Connects)
    2. This year ideas
    3. PLAN presentation from Liesl