Location: Sayles Hill 253

Time: 3:30 pm

Present George Vrtis, Erica Zweifel, Andrew Farias, Madhav Mohan, Martha Larson, Ben Keefer

Absent Tanya Hartwig, Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam, Alex Miller, Alex Knodell

Secretary: Andrew Farias


I. Welcome/Introduction
II. Utility Master Plan Update
III. UMP Phase 3 – Solar PV Options
IV. Environmental Alliance Funding Request
V. Post Landfill Action Network visit and itinerary
VI. AASHE Conference Recap
VII. Other ideas for the upcoming year


  1. The Age of Consequences Environmental Film Screening and Discussion
  • The Northfield Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Environmental Carls Organized (ECO) are hosting a free screening of The Age of Consequences (2016), described as “a look at the impacts of climate change on increased resource scarcity and migration through the lens of U.S. national security and global stability.” Introduction by retired military analyst Bruce Morlan and discussion afterwards!
    When: Friday, November 9 at 7:00 p.m.
    Where: Weitz 236


  1. Utility Master Plan Update
  • The first building constructed in the 1910 campus master plan was Facilities, so we are now developing a plan for the next 100 years
  • Key Objectives: Replace the aging and outdated central plant facilities
  • Central Combined Heat and Power with Geothermal energy
  • Facilities Master Plan anticipates 3% net growth
  • Conversion to 120 deg hot water supply is key to opening the door to technologies that could not be used with steam
  • Proposed utility plan breaks even in 15-20 years

2) UMP Phase 3 – Solar PV Options

  • A couple of alums gave two proposals.
    • 1) Use tax credits available to buy a big solar project on carleton property and connect it to the Carleton grid. They are not looking to donate, but they are businessmen and intend to make a small profit. 30% as a tax credit, 2/3rds is leased to Carleton for a period of seven years and we would pay and get to use that power. The advantage is they would sell of give the array to Carleton. Could be placed in land behind Carleton, but PE may want to use it in future. Patch of ag land next to Arb is Carleton’s property. Farmer there would be willing to give it up if we lease him another.
    • 2) These same two alumni want to become community solar developers. We subscribe to their solar garden wherever it is and we get credits on our utility bill. Much cleaner, much easier, less profitable, but much safer. With that money, we would have to buy out own reusable credits to offset the carbon.
    • 3) Carleton could build its own solar panels. We could wait out solar panels until tax exempt status. Make a donation in size equal to the tax credit. Try to find alums that would give us more-favorable deals.

Funding RequestsEnvironmental Alliance Funding Request

  • $64.50 request to fund dinner for off-board Environmental Alliance members
  • Proposal to fund them $195 for the year with the added note that we want them to coordinate with the CCCE to meet for Environmental Alliance or Food Systems
  • Request was funded in full

Future Agenda Items

  1. Update to Solar Panels
  2. Climate Action Week