Location: Sayles Hill Lounge

Time: 12:30 pm

Present George Vrtis, Martha Larson, Andrew Farias, Erica Zweifel, Jonathan Lafky, Mary Savina, Masra Mohamed, Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam

Absent Rae Horton

Secretary: Alex Miller

This was the first meeting of the academic year with new members serving. The bulk of the meeting was introductions and updates from last year’s committee.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Funding Requests (bumped up in the agenda to work with guests schedule)
    1. $2,000 for Post-Landfill Action Network’s Point of Intervention Tour, March 30th, 2018
      1. Mary Savina moved to support $1,000 with the invitation to come back closer to the event if additional funding is needed. Seconded by George Vrtis, motion passed.
    2. $80 for ingredients for 2 meals at SEED Training (Students Engaged in Essential Dialog), September 21st and October 5th, 2017
      1. George Vrtis moved to support $40 for the second training since the first training has passed. Seconded by Mary Savina, motion passed.
    3. $560 for STAs to travel to the Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability (UMACS) Conference
      1. Mary Savina made a motion to fully fund this request, George Vrtis seconded, motion passed.
  3. Overview of last year’s initiatives 
    1. Carbon Offsets Research: research was conducted by interviewing other institutions that have programs in place.
    2. Utility Master Plan Outreach: A quick overview was given to the EAC, with a tour of campus schedule and powerpoint/website sent to members.
  4. Discussion and look-ahead to next year
    1. Since majority of the EAC members are new, there was general consensus to educate themselves on the current issues and projects on campus.
    2. A report from the STAs on their work for the year was requested for the next EAC meeting