Location: Facilities Conference Room

Time: 12:30 pm

Present George Vrtis, Martha Larson, Tanya Hartwig, Mary Savina, Jonathan Lafky, Andrew Farias, Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam

Absent Nasra

Secretary: Alex Miller

  • Review and vote on changes to the EAC Charter, will be updated on the EAC website.
    • Motion by Mary to approve updates to charter, Jonathan seconded, motion passes.
  • STA Reports on their work this year
    • Nine STAs working on a variety of projects this term. Three are new, five our seniors.
    • This year we piloted a mentorship program and matched students into pairs to help train and guide STAs through fall term. Evaluations of the program will be conducted during 9th week.
  • UMACS Conference Feedback
    • Seven students accompanied Alex Miller and Martha Larson to the Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability at Central College in Pella, IA on September 29-30, 2017. The EAC supported the transportation of the students to attend this conference, a report of the student’s experience is here.
  • SEED Discussion Report
    • Two sessions, about 30 people attended first session, 12 attended second session. Discussions about who was in the room, who wasn’t, why that is. Also, issues about sustainability at Carleton. There was a good mix of under and upper class men. Second session had small group work with current articles. Big theme that came out of these sessions were environmental justice, engaging with people of color, engaging with men (typically white and female currently on campus). Generally, the group was upper class an came to environmentalism through a recreational lens.
    • Going forward, SEED discussions about environmental issues will hopefully be an annual event with individual groups creating specific projects and updates at Environmental Alliance meetings throughout the year.
  • Open Forum & Winter Term Look-Ahead
    • Climate Action Week Feb. 19-23: Budget to be presented at EAC at first winter term meeting
    • Zero Waste Atlas late Winter Term and Spring Term: feedback on planning process
    • Connection between Design Committee, Capital Funding and Planning, and Environmental Advisory Committee: Joint meeting or agenda items at each meeting and representative attending each.
      • What’s on their agenda, reach out to chairs of each committee to discuss ideas.
    • Sightlines data updates Winter Term
    • Update on LEED Status of science complex
    • Education for EAC members as well as outside of our group
    • Accreditation (George Shuffleton) from Higher Learning Commission, site visit will be in spring 2019