Location: Facilities Conference Room

Time: 4:30 pm

Present Yiwen Luo, Andrew Farais, Erica Zweifel, Mary Savina, Tanya Hartwig, Jonathan Lafky, Alex Miller, Martha Larson

Absent George Vrtis, Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam

Secretary: Martha Larson

  1. Stewsie Award
    1. Members reviewed three student and two staff nominations for the 2018 Stewsie Award and selected Emma Link (’18) and Alex Miller.
  2. 360 Waste Assessment and Zero Waste Plan
    1. Alex Miller briefed EAC members on the recent 360 waste assessment conducted by the Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN), walking through points earned in each area (e.g. Athletics, student involvement, agriculture, e-waste, etc.)
    2. Members reviewed participating departments and suggested adding Dan Hurlburt to address PEPS e-waste
    3. Most places where Carleton lost point were where we did not have a written policy or a year-round program to address certain waste and sustainability items (e.g. Bon Appetit provides compostable items but this is not required by policy and the “repair fair” was a one-time event)
    4. Alex Miller presented the immediate, mid-term and long-term goals identified by the 360 waste assessment.
    5. Mary Savina suggests that all the things that would be put into “policy” should at least be written down in a handbook to help keep track of what we do now, for example what if we lost key positions or got a new waste management service or dining provider
    6. Now that we have done the 360 Assessment, the Sustainability Office would like to propose that a comprehensive campus waste plan be developed to set goals and compile all waste efforts into a cohesive strategy
    7. Martha Larson provided context, stating that the Climate Action Plan serves at the touchstone for Sustainability Office activities. The CAP waste section included a series of tasks which are now mostly complete, thus the proposal to develop a more comprehensive plan.
    8. Alex Miller then reviewed a draft advise / endorse / approval matrix for EAC comment and edits
    9. Members supported the proposal to draft a plan and the EAC will review / endorse at various points in the process
    10. Members discussed whether the plan should be written by the Sustainability Office or whether a steering committee should be convened to get broader perspective.
    11. The EAC supported the Sustainability Office moving forward with a planning process, given additional check-ins at future meetings