Location: Facilities Conference Room

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Rae Horton, Phillip Lundquist, Mary Savina, Kim Smith, Martha Larson, Sharan Ganjam Seshah, Stephie Fried, Ally Tucker, Olwenn Fuchart

Secretary: Alexandra Miller

  1. CAW Survey Results
  2. Funding Request: Food Recovery Network, $238.89 for reusable and recyclable containers
    1. $200/yr. from CCCE is the current funding for FRN efforts.
    2. About 2,000 pounds food recovered fall term and on track to do that again winter term.
    3. EAC would like to see the percentage recovered of the total food produced by Burton and LDC.
    4. Motions to approve by Mary, Seconded by Ally, motion passed.
  3. SRF Proposal: The Lighting Project: Increasing Occupancy Sensors on Carleton’s Campus
    1. Looked into closed and semi-closed stairwells and non-residential bathrooms to install occupancy sensors
    2. SRF committee recommends that the EAC approve the use of SRF funds for this project.
    3. Motion to approve by Ally, Seconded by Phillip, motion passed.
  4. Carbon Offsets Sub-Committee
    1. Interviewing peer institutions to get a sense of what other schools are doing. Goal is to have all schools interviewed by the end of spring term.
  5. AASHE and UMACS
    1. Proposal Ideas: Community Compost, Perrin S. Comps project with St. Olaf, Kim Smith and Prairie Creek Wildlife, St. Olaf and Carleton Partnerships
    2. EAC to solicit proposals from 6 students
  6. Spring Term Look Ahead, Utility Master Plan Outreach Efforts
    1. Webpage and video- EAC help promote, possible Energy Club project, STAs
    2. Science:Shrink our carbon footprint while adding 50,000 square feet, ground breaking May 12th.
    3. Talking points
    4. Host a town hall meeting near May 12th ground breaking to discuss what’s next