Location: Facilities Conference Room

Time: 3:15 pm

Present Kim Smith, Martha Larson, Sarah Goldman, Steve Spehn, MacKenzie Persen, Zander Deetz

Absent Matt Whited, Amy Sillanpa, Bereket Haileab, Morgan Richmond

Secretary: Courtney Dufford

       I. UMACS Conference Update

During fall term, the EAC funded six students’ attendance at the UMACS Conference at Luther College. Yifan Wu, Timmy Zhu, Lydia Auner, and Brent Murcia presented on their experience at the conference, noting that it was exciting to learn what other schools were doing and helpful to connect with other students . EAC members agreed that in future years, the EAC and Sustainability Office should recruit more students to attend UMACS, as well as submitting Carleton presentations.

    II. Climate Action Week update and funding request

Climate Action Week (formerly “Green Wars”) will be held during 6th and 7th week this year. The STAs worked with other student organizations to change the name of the event, expanding the scope of the week beyond the energy reduction challenge to encompass a broader audience and emphasize calls to action. The STAs will be live tweeting on ‘sustaincarl’ using #carlcaw.

  • The EAC approved a funding request from STA and Climate Action Week captain Tori Ostenso for $475 for supplies for the Sustainability Stories exhibit in Weitz and prizes for the dorm energy competition.

 III. Funding request: Keystone XL student protest in D.C.

  • Sam Neubauer from the Climate Justice Coalition presented a funding request for transportation to a student protest of the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington D.C. They are hoping that 10-12 students from Carleton will attend. Carleton students will travel by bus with other students from Minnesota; the cost of transportation is $150/person.
  • Martha Larson asked whether an extra caveat should be added to any funding allocation about how the students would be representing Carleton. MacKenzie Persen noted that the Committee was only funding transportation and that a caveat seemed unnecessary.
  • Kim Smith commented that this would be a valuable learning experience for students to learn and engage directly in democracy. The Political Science department and others fund students who want to attend protests, so there is precedent around funding this activity. Additionally, Paul Wellstone worked hard to legitimate activism as part of curricular learning, yet we still see less activism than on other campuses
  • Steve Spehn asked whether there was a strong enough environmental component to this request to be funded by the EAC. Kim Smith noted that the Keystone pipeline protests have been primarily about environmental concerns: connections to fossil fuels, ecological devastation from tar sands mining, ecologically sensitive lands the pipeline will cross.
  • The Committee discussed whether funding this request meant the college was funding civil disobedience. The Committee decided that this is to afford students an opportunity to participate in civic action, learn about this issue and the political process, and gain leadership; this is not about Carleton or the EAC’s stance on the Keystone pipeline.
  • The $1500 request is more than the Committee normally funds. However, the Committee moved to fund $50 per student for up to 10 students for a total of $500. The motion was unanimously approved.

 IV. Funding Request- CSC (Compassionate and Sustainable Consuming)

  • Awaiting more specific information from CSC, the Committee will discuss the request at the next meeting.

    V. Review of Fall Term STA reports

The Fall Term STA reports were distributed to the committee; no comments were raised.

 VI. Sierra Club Cool Schools Report

STA Timmy Zhu presented on our current status with the Sierra Club’s “Cool Schools Report”. Currently, Carleton is ranked 62 out of 164 schools. This topic will be further discussed at our next meeting as the Committee may want to consider forming a sub-committee to think about how to increase our score.