Location: Facilities Conference Room

Time: 11:00 am

Present Kim Smith, Martha Larson, Matt Whited, Zander Deetz, Jackson Van Fleet

Absent MacKenzie Persen, Steve Spehn, Greta Simons

Secretary: Alex Lai

  1. EAC Introduction and Background

New members of the committee were introduced: chemistry professor Matt Whited, CSA liaison Zander Deetz, and student-at-large Jackson Van Fleet. Martha Larson noted that hall director Greta Simons will be replacing Chris Remley as the Residential Life liaison, and that the official EAC charter can be found online on the committee website.

  1. Sustainability Office: 2012-13 Goals and STA Program

The committee reviewed the Sustainability Office Objectives for the 2012-13 school year. Briefly, these include creating environmental building guidelines, incorporating Climate Action Plan (CAP) goals into planning initiatives, implementing an energy database tracking software, expanding sub-meters around campus to obtain more building data, developing initiatives for the CAP Green IT reduction target, pursue water conservation issues on campus, strengthen the STA program.

The committee noted broad applicability of research and implementation of green building standards in the College’s current and future development, especially with completion of the Strategic Plan leading into a Facilities/Utility master plan. Kim Smith noted the academic and co-curricular opportunities for student involvement with green building standards, through classes and departments as well as Engineers Without Borders and other student groups.

  1. Funding Request: 2012 AASHE Conference (Courtney Dufford)

The committee discussed a funding request from Courtney Dufford to attend the 2012 AASHE conference (Oct. 14-17 in Los Angeles). AASHE invited Courtney to present her work on the Community Waste Program and Custodial Wastebusters. The committee approved $250, as is typical for domestic conference travel.

  1. Meeting Adjourned