Location: Facilities Conference Room

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Fadi Hakim, Daniel Hernandez, Martha Larson, Rhys Lindmark, Ray McGaughey, Chris Remley, Kim Smith, Steven Spehn, George Vrtis, Sydney Weydemeyer

Absent Mark Kanazawa, Libby Nachman

Secretary: Martha Larson

               I.         Welcome and Introductions


              II.         2009-2010 EAC Year End Report


Current status of 2009-2010 initiatives was reviewed and evaluated within context of planning efforts for 2010-2011.  Those noted as complete include student attendance at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, low flow shower head installation in residence halls, selection of the Climate Action Plan consulting team, and job search for the Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability position.  Ongoing initiatives include staying abreast of recycling/waste hauling efforts and planning for expansion of compost program (see STA Projects, Section IV.iii below).  The Committee will discuss 2009-2010 external sustainability surveys and Carleton campus-wide sustainability events at a future meeting to determine which 2009-2010 programs should continue in 2010-2011.

            III.         2010-2011 EAC Budget Update


The EAC budget for this year is $5,000 to be used in support of related campus programming and sustainability projects as approved by the Committee. 


            IV.         Wind Turbine Project Update


Martha Larson reviewed current status of the Wind Turbine project.  The proposed site is an agricultural parcel approximately 1/4 mile from the Carleton Arboretum on Highway 19.  Site selection was based on superior elevation and wind profile, minimal impact on Carleton campus functions, Carleton neighbors, and local ecology and well-established permit conditions per Rice County jurisdiction (City of Northfield wind turbine ordinance may undergo changes via the in-progress Land Development Code revisions).   The Committee questioned the merits of installing the wind turbine on campus verses the proposed off-campus site location.  Committee members noted that advantages of the proposed site include the ability to minimize impacts on the Arb, long-standing Arb research projects, and Carleton’s neighbors.  The Committee requested further “unpacking” of the decision criteria which will be reviewed at the next EAC meeting.  Production data from the existing wind turbine was presented in comparison with the three new turbine models currently under review.  Final turbine selection is anticipated by end of 2010.  Foundations, delivery and installation of the second turbine are planned to occur in late spring/early summer 2011.


             V.         Climate Action Plan Update


Martha Larson reviewed current status of the Climate Action Plan, due to be complete in January 2011.  The September 22, 2010 Town Hall Meeting achieved projected attendance of around 120-130 students.  Comments from the discussion will be compiled and posted on the Sustainability website.  The Committee reviewed the Carleton Carbon Neutrality Value Statement, Carleton’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and a summary of the American University College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment terms.  Ms. Larson also presented potential carbon reduction strategies and evaluation/decision criteria developed by the Climate Action Plan Steering Committee at their August 2010 meeting.  The Climate Action Plan planning process was reviewed.  The team has completed the “discovery” and “ideation” stages and is currently in the “analysis” stage to further evaluate comparative benefits of various carbon reduction strategies.  We will proceed to the final “plan creation” stage over the next 2-3 months with input and assistance from the sustainability assistants, Climate Action Plan Steering Committee, and other campus participants as available.    


            VI.         Sustainability Assistant (STA) Project Proposals


The sustainability assistants summarized their 2010-2011 project initiatives and received feedback from the EAC.  2010-2011 STA project proposals include:


                                 i.     Ryan Noe – Energy Information Database: A central database will be created to house available campus energy data.  It is anticipated that the database will be open to use by faculty for research and classroom projects, student projects, facilities personnel and other applicable entities.  The project outline is complete and available data is currently being compiled and sorted.  Next steps include a meeting with ITS to determine appropriate database platforms and efficient data processing methods.  No funds are being requested at this time.  The EAC agreed to support this proposal as presented. 


                                ii.     Nina Whitney – Building Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) Inventory:  As part of the Climate Action Plan process, Carleton is evaluating past energy conservation measures for potential future application in other buildings.  Past and potential future projects will be tracked in a campus building inventory and reviewed weekly with the Climate Action Plan consulting team and Facilities personnel.   It is intended that the inventory will help Carleton identify potential ECM projects that can be incorporated into the Climate Action Plan and into facilities capital planning efforts. No funds are being requested at this time.  The EAC agreed to support this proposal as presented. 


                              iii.     Michelle Hesterberg / Alex Lai – Trayless Dining Initative:  Other schools have initiated trayless dining as a way to reduce dining hall food waste by an average of 25-30%.  The largest challenge is convincing students to accept a change in habits.  Ms. Hesterberg and Ms. Lai met with the Dining Board who agreed to implement some form of trayless dining (i.e.” Trayless Tuesdays”) contingent upon CSA approval.   The EAC questioned what accommodations would be made for disabled students – it was noted that trays could be requested from dining hall staff as needed.  The pilot project would take place in LDC, since its conveyor system is adaptable to trayless dining methods.  The Burton Hall conveyor requires trays in order to function, so a change to trayless dining in Burton would require a higher capital investment to alter or replace this equipment.  No funds are being requested at this time.  The EAC agreed to support this proposal as presented. 


                               iv.     Michelle Hesterberg / Alex Lai – Expand Composting to Residence Halls:  Myers is proposed as a pilot project to initiate composting in residence hall bathrooms.   Ms. Hesterberg met with Facilities personnel who agreed to provide a second collection bin in each Myers restroom.  Tally sheets will be mounted near each compost receptacle so custodial staff can track whether its contents were compostable or contaminated and discarded as waste.  The team requested $400 in funding to purchase yellow compost bins which are more recognizable than regular waste bins with signs.   The EAC requested further cost and project details before supporting use of Committee funds.  The presenters will provide an update at the next EAC meeting.


                                v.     Laura Henry – Campus Outreach Program:  Due to time constraints, this proposal will be presented at the next EAC meeting.


          VII.         Meeting Adjourned (Next Meeting Date: TBD)