Location: Sayles 252

Time: 4:00 pm

Present Mark Kanazawa, Tess Dornfeld, Katie Blanchard (secretary), Hannah Heavenrich, Kate Dorwart, Danica Lance

Absent Andy Clark, Mike Kowalewski, Steve Spehn

Secretary: Katie Blanchard

Minutes from 10/7/09 approved.
Revisions to Charter approved.
Kate will serve as student member on EAC Advisory Committee.

1) PCC

A consultant will hopefully be hired within the next week or two.
We haven’t heard yet about getting a longer extension.
We want to play an agenda-setting role for the consultant. We need to decide what the top priorities/possibilities could be for our PCC plan.

2) Director of Energy Management

We are hoping for a national search in January. We need to influence the job description before any interviews happen.

3) Trayless Dining

Ben: Bon Appetit was scared away from trying it again this year after last year’s disaster experience. He and Michelle are working on education in the dining halls about it. It’s a possibility, but not on the top of the list for EAC projects.

4) Can STAs be paid for EAC meetings?

Mark asked someone who said no, but committee discussed that peer leaders (Campus Activities, GSC, OIL, Chaplain’s Assistants, RAs) are expected to attend staff meetings that are essentially their work hours. STAs have no supervisor/guidance except for the EAC so it seems fair to let them be paid.

5) Discussion of the geothermal/solar consultant’s report

Some of the possibilities have good economic pay-back. Mark will invite the consultant to speak with us. Katie wants to know about the full impact of the projects beyond the economic payback.

6) Behavioral Modification

We really need to figure out a plan for how we want to take this on.