Location: Sayles 252

Time: 4:00 pm

Present Mike Kowalewski, Mark Kanazawa, Steve Spehn, Tess Dornfeld, Hannah Heavenrich, Kate Dorwart, Danica Lance

Absent Andy Clark

Secretary: Katie Blanchard

1. Membership: Currently inconsistent with the charter. EAC appointed students last spring, but then CSA appointed students this fall (as they were supposed to). 2. Minutes approved from 9/22 meeting and 9/30 special meeting. 3. Charter Discussion: Mark: We need to revise mostly because of our lack of an educational associate this year, and it seems unlikely that we will get one in the near future. We need to make this a workable document to fill that gap, given this reality. We will increase to 3 student members because of the lack of the educational associate. No: 3 staff, 3 faculty, 3 students. Will clarify that the secretary is a 4th, non-voting student appointed by CSA. The ENTS 5th-year intern used to the the EAC co-chair but that was difficult for continuity. We propose that the ENTS director serve as vice-chair to provide some institutional memory. We will keep the advisory council as a group of diverse opinions to meet on the off weeks. We will create a working document of things that need to be figured out and assigned by the EAC at the beginning of every year–will be included in the Annual Report, which we will making a vital, accessible document.The chair and the vice-chair should manage the budget. Libby: Can we include the STAs? Mark will check whether students can be paid to come to EAC meetings. Procedure: -make it flexible -we need to meet with Fred (there are lots of Vice Presidents) -we don’t need to meet regularly with the Dean of the College. We are more Facilities-focused. We can request a meeting with the Dean of the College if necessary. Annual Report should be made available on the EAC website. EAC responsible for reviewing the Charter as needed. Amendments can be made via simple majority. Mark will find out whether we need to get further approval for changes and who needs to approve them. Does everyone really need to approve expenditures? Could we give the Chair executive power for small expenditures? Yes, but chair needs to notify the committee. Kate: do we have any standing expenses? Mark: AASHE membership, maybe the STA wages? We have our own budget — that is a significant resource. Past uses: Stewsie Sustainability Award, student conference attendance, small project expenditures We should allow email voting for urgent matters. Move SRF stuff to the SRF charter. Changes to the charter Approved. What we need to be thinking about/How the EAC should be involved: 1) PCC — consult with consultant, OUTREACH TO CAMPUS 2) 2nd wind turbine, and more (?) 3) Other alternative energy sources: geothermal, solar 4) The Arts Union 5) The Steam Plant 6) Paper use policy 7) SRF 8) Trayless (complicated issues. STAs are working on it.) 9) Behavioral Modification 10) Sustainability in NSW (STAs were much more included this year, but STAs should be included in the Peer Leader) 11) Farm/Edible Landscaping — support 12) Define role of the New Rob — EAC member on the search committee 13) Orientation for new & visiting staff and faculty We can insert ourselves into the processes in ways that we think make sense. We need to figure out our priorities and get to work!