Location: Sayles 252

Time: 4:00 pm

Present Kate Dorwart, Hannah Heavenrich, Tess Dornfeld, Mark Kanazawa, Danica Lance

Absent Steve Spehn, Andy Clark

Secretary: Katie Blanchard

Minutes from 11/4/09 approved. 1) Christa Owens: going to Copenhagen! Accepted as delegate with Sierra Student Coalition, will be working with Tck Tck Tck open source new media for the conference. Has been working with Rashad. Will work with him to bring back what they learn. We will fund $500. 2) Job Description Discussion: Director of Energy Management & Sustainability Questions for Steve/ Facilities: How has Rob’s absence affected Facilities in general? Who has had to pick up the slack? Does this job description include things that the ENTS 5th year used to do? Feedback: The job description is not visionary enough. We need a visionary “preamble” to the job description. We need to recognize the importance of this job and highlight it and respect it more than we respected Rob/everything that he did. The description is quite reactive. Let’s make it proactive. Specifics: 1. Stronger student component. Experience working with strong interest in working with student groups in the college/university setting is strongly preferred/desirable 2. Highlight role as coordinator of EAC and STAs. 3. Involvement with AASHE and any other regional/national coalitions needs to be part of the job description. Experience w/ AASHE strongly desirable. 4. Would like a section similar to Dartmouth’s sustainability coordinator job description: who/what are the “key accountabilities” of this position? We need to outline & define them. 5. Can this focus more on sustainability issues rather than energy? Change title: Director of Campus Sustainability and energy management? 6. What about long-term strategic planning? Should be part of the job. 7. Behavioral Modification: Would like to see documentation of the applicants’ experience with creative/interesting initiatives and/or the applicants’ ideas for Carleton 8. Include our definition of sustainability and refer to the Environmental Statement of Priniciples. Kate, Steve, and Mark will meet to put all of this together in a draft and email it to all of us!