Location: Sayles 252

Time: 4:30 pm

Present Rob Lamppa, Chris Erickson, Mark Kanazawa, Mike Kowalewski, Steve Spehn, Ray McGaughey, Nora Mahlberg, Katie Blanchard

Absent Amy Silanpa, Andy Clark

Secretary: Chris Erickson


  • John: Chill Out Contest hosted by NWF
    • Can make a 3-minute video or 300-word essay that is sustainability focused.
    • Deadline is Nov. 30th
    • Grant Money for the Institution
  • Mike: David Rains Wallace is arriving tonight as a visitor to Headley House. He will be teaching a 2-week class as well as giving two public talks. He would be open to any kinds of meetings that students would like to have with him.
  • Mark: A lady from Focus the Nation called him, do we want to participate in this again?
  • Steve: Brief rundown on the new dorm construction and the LEED process.
    • It really reguires a commitment from everyone involved in the process
    • Could this issue be a future discussion point for the EAC?
  • John: Meeting with Helena Kaufman from 10-11 on Friday to discuss sustainability in Off Campus Studies programs.
  • Katie: Could students be offered the chance to donate to the arboretum?
  • Rob clarifies that OCS is in the Carleton budget.
  • Katie: Talked to Natalie Locke from Macalaster about the structure of sustainability at both our schools (they have many STA-types in different departments, essentially departments request that their workers take on some STA duties and then the Sustainability Coordinators Office takes that worker under their wing.)
  • Katie would like to see Recyclmania competitions between the two schools
  • Nora: CRIC is tabling next week to gauge interest from students.

Minutes from 10/7/08 are approved pending change to Mark Kanazawa’s quote about the EAC budget reserve.
-Ray M. would like me to track down Alex Cholas-Wood (I have sent him an email)

Budget Requests

  • Buttons saying “I Pledged” are 30 cents a piece. 250 buttons = $75.
  • Laminated Signs saying (HOT COLD, call x4133) are $50
  • Fortune Cookies:
    • 4 different messages, $25.00 extra for 8 messages and front-back
    • 15 cents a piece
    • 2,000 cookies = $350.00
  • Discussion of Fortune Cookies:
    • Mike: Are they individually wrapped? YES
    • Steve: idea and cost are fine, but the individually wrapped cookies is a publicity problem.
    • Mike: It is a mixed message that gives people who want to ignore environmentalism an excuse to do so.
    • Rob L.: Could we contact the company about using cornstarch wrapping.
    • This one is being tabled for further discussion/revision to idea.

College Council Presentation Review from Chris and Rob

  • We covered the make-up of the EAC, the Subcommittees and their agendas and the current initiatives.

PAC (Parent’s Advisory Council)

  • Rob L., Kim Smith, Ray M., Chris E. presented
  • Mark: Beyond wanting to know about the major what were the parents’ questions?
    • They asked about the water bottles that had been set out for us.
    • Ray M.: Bates has a program where on the first floor of every building there are bins for cups and mugs that students can use, every year they are breaking fewer mugs. SRF project?

Subcommittee Reporting Tabled due to time constraints.

Discussion Point: SRF

Mark: Explains basics of SRF to the EAC:

  • Anyone in the community (student/faculty/staff) can submit a proposal, but it MUST have student involvement.
  • We have not officially approved a project yet.
    • Ray clarifies that we have but it was tabled for an inconsistency with numbers.
  • ~$80,000 in the SRF
  • Ideas from the SRF Meeting:
    • Incentives for projects
    • Cash Awards
    • Awards named after Jim who fundraised for SRF
    • Advertise heavily
    • Carletonian Article
    • Start an email list with interested people
    • Announcements
    • News
    • Interest Meeting
    • Tabling in Sayles
    • Website
    • FAQ’s
    • Message Board
    • EAC

Katie: Does not think that anyone knows about the SRF

  • It came in 2 years ago and now we have 2 years worth of new students.
  • Katie thinks we should have a constant deadline, like 3rd week of every term.

Ray: SOPE has submitted two proposals. Problems:

  • So much work to write a proposal
  • Can get denied and it feels like a waste of time.
  • Wants some guidance from someone high up.

Chris: understands wasted time is a big concern, but understands Mark’s opinion. We don’t want to cake-walk people through the process, there should be some figuring things out.

Katie: What is the money delineated for?

  • Steve: Facilities works on bigger projects but often misses smaller things.
  • SRF could fund these small projects in Steve’s eyes
  • Facilities could fund the project but then the SRF fund does not grow.

Katie: Thinks we should have a meeting with Q and A time.

Eliza: Agrees, students do not know what is possible.

Katie: People see Carleton as a seamless institution but people need to learn that they can insert themselves.

Steve: Still supports some jointly funded projects

Rob: The window is also a problem, it really limits some projects that could be done.

Mark: Reiterates that the SRF is an experiement and we don’t know if it will actually work yet.

Mike: Suggests that we turn it into a two-step proposal so that students can get feedback after the first round.

  • Katie and Nora like this idea, other people echo sentiment.