Location: Syles 251

Time: 8:30 am

Secretary: Chris Erickson

Agenda for meeting is approved

Katie: The composting banner has been put up in Sayles.

Rob: Turbine Update, things are going well.

Minutes for 1-29 meeting approved

SRF Update

  • One of the Initial Proposals submitted was not about reducing GHG emissions.
    • But we still want to support projects saving money and reducing environmental impact. This might necessitate a change in the charter at some point this year. –Mark


Total: $17,195.11
Carryover: $10,172
Yearly: $4,300

MOSES Farming Conference: $200
Climate Crews: $500
Midwest Real Food Conference: $400
National Farm to Cafeteria Conference, Portland, OR: $250
PowerShift Conference: total of $3687 (have received funding from other places)

Mark: Procedural comment

  • Those asking for money or invested/involved in the vote at hand should excuse themselves from the final discussion.
    • Mike K.: This is how it is done on the Faculty Grants Committee

Mark: Eliza pointed out last time that we need to watch out about setting a precedent for these conferences.

Rob: We could establish a money per student and a total limit for individual conferences.

Discussion of EAC’s approach to it’s budget.
Andy Clark: EAC needs to initiate conscious thought towards sustainability

Mark: could we initiate prototype projects that would be associated with the SRF and the Facilities Revolving Fund?

Mike: Would like to see us initiating things as opposed to just funding conferences.

Mark: One key is to include an aspect of campus awareness at all times.

  • Many proposals do not include the aspect of benefit to the entire Carleton community.
  • We need to ask for specifications of what people will “bring back.”

Andy: Might be a good idea to set up a formal application.

Katie: and we should require that all who receive funding should come to report to the EAC after the funding is used.

Mark: Also would be productive to increase the subcommittees access to the fund.

Farm to Cafeteria Conference
Katie Blanchard
Katie leaves

Ask Katie to do some kind of press release.
Mike: It is in keeping with Carleton’s goal of greater publicity, Katie is participating in a major way at this conference.

Motion to approve with a caveat of how she is going to bring it back to campus.

Climate Crews
Katie Blanchard

Mark: It is expensive to do a van-pool start-up
Eliza: Thinks the cost for person to take up the liability is $600.
A suggestion to set this aside pending further details of how the matching funds (she already has 500) will be used.

Mark: motion to match $300
APPROVED pending the details.

MOSES Farm Conference
Hannah Breckbill

Mark: Bring back for this conference is very unclear.
Eliza: Let’s have her email us this information and then vote by email.
John: One thing she could try and do it line up producers for Bon Appetit.


Real Food
Katie Blanchard
Motion to approve with a presentation to the EAC after the conference


Power Shift Conference in D.C.
Arpita Battacharyya
We need way more details on this.
How much money do they now need?
How many kids are going?

Find all this out by email.