Location: Sayles 252

Time: 4:00 pm

Present Mathias Bell, Rob Lamppa, Gary Wagenbach, Amy Sillanpa, Steve Spehn, Mikaela Hagen, Bessie Schwarz, Ray McGaughey, Alex Chohlas-Wood, Mark Krusemeyer

Absent Mark Kanazawa

Secretary: Alex Chohlas-Wood


PCC (Mathias):
• Recyclemania is happening right now.
• Greenhouse gas inventory underway.
• CRIC closed down: possible implications for funding, EAC.

Paper (Gary):
• Progress is being made.
• Effort might be made with data analysis but nothing concrete has been done yet.

Transportation (Adam):
• Carleton has decided to purchase two new Prius hybrids for the Carleton fleet, replacing two vans.
• Moratorium in place on new minivans.
• Campus services reviewing of capacity of fleet to see if more sedans and less minivans would be more practical.
• Julia Burmesch looking into ZipCar (carsharing group) to develop a proposal to bring vehicles to campus. May be coordinated with Olaf.
• More progress on car-sharing happening.
• About a ban on idling: nice to cut down on idling, but unsure about who to contact. Maybe integrate it in code of sustainable conduct. Apparently, it was already discussed with Northfield Board of Environmental Health.

SRF (Bessie:)
• Deadline for proposals are 8th week (ready for proposals now).
• No pressing need to meet yet, but meeting soon and definitely after 8th week.
• Looking into increasing publicity for non-green networked students. Also hoping to get alumni donations to pad fund.

Waste, Composting (Mikaela):
• Green Wars are in full swing!
o Goals: both increasing recycling and actually reducing total waste across the board.
o Working on dining halls, student dorms, etc. to reduce waste across campus.
• Wondering if groups who have reduced their paper usage would be willing to have a workshop on how to reduce usage (faculty/staff directed). As far as a panel goes, we could use it for everything concerning waste – getting into people’s habits and reforming them for the better. Maybe add these new habits to the sustainability code of conduct too. Or conduct a survey? Could use a staff retreat productively to inform different faculty. Moving this to a different time.
• Also, wondering about meeting with athletics department since they have been left out of sustainability issues recently. Gary heard about a waste reduction by 30% at the Super Bowl this past weekend. Same reductions have happened at Bald Spot picnics – maybe utilize this methodology at games and other athletic events.
• Finally, should we invite a speaker on waste reduction? A suggestion: maybe invite a speaker from Olaf who has some expertise on the subject, or wait until a Convocation next year.

Communication (Mathias):
• Sustainability link on the homepage –Should give sustainability webpage more exposure.

Focus the Nation: great, even though the webcast was not working. It was difficult producing turnout while classes were meeting, but that was known beforehand. In sum, dinner turnout was great and the whole thing was productive.

New Dorm: Lasting, sustainable, durable buildings. Build most energy-efficient envelope that we can, since this is our only chance (possible to improve electrical and heating systems later). Planned to be designed with LEED building standard, hopefully GOLD standard, with certification. Would be one of the first LEED Gold certified buildings in Minnesota (we’re racing with UM Morris). Certification around $70,000.

Review of CSA’s presentation to the Board of Trustees. Add Sustainability Code of Conduct, Sustainability Associate Position, etc.

Budget: proposal for $800 to buy watt meters. Bessie makes a motion. All votes yes. Passes.